Sep 27, 2007

What's ur name?

My first encounter with my newborn niece. After years of seeing all the other nieces and nephews growing into teens. A newborn baby seem so exciting now. No name yet, her dad paid some geomancer or rather I'll call farktard $175 to elect a name for her. In my opinion, nabeyz! pay $175 still must wait 2 days!!!Cock and bull story say must email their "master" for enlightenment.Sorry manz...I think that's CRAPATOUILLE!!! Even the Almighty Mr You Long Zhi is only charging $100 and name given on the spot. Wah lauz... $175 *bang.wall* it better not be some kind of weirdo sounding name.

I've got nothing against getting geomancer(s) to name babies. In my case, both my kiddos name were chosen ourselves, we simply went to ask if it is good or not.Cost us only $28 if I remember correctly.Not get someone to entirely choose a name for our child. I rather spent those extra moolar on diapers.

Come to think of it hor, today I super shortplug. I normally in fact NEVER visit newborns or attend baby fullmonth for years liow. Even cakes/red eggs from fullmonth I see I siam buay hu. My 2 kiddos super pan-tang towards newborns, makan satu cake/egg nia..siao liow!! confirm sick or dunno bang head or leg or hand. Even when I delivered my 2nd child, my eldest child visited me at the hospital, that nite itself she got her face slam on the door edge. Her face bruised soo badly.My heart broke when she re-visited me the next day. Visit own mother and newborn brother also like dat! You say I will scared or not?!?!?!

Most of my friends and relatives know about this. Got full month celebration invitation? Sorry, see u few days after ur full month celebrations or I'll pass you the gifts before you even deliver.
Today made an exception. Seriously I dunno why also!! *scratch.head* if tomorrow anyone of us at home fall sick...den I can hantum myself liow.
kar-chng itchy!

Listening to : I cry - Yuri Chika
Feeling : Shortplug

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