My nightmare begins tomorrow and ends on Tuesday with DD having her SA2 examinations.
Her schoolwork has always cause me a major migraine. I'm not expecting her to pass with flying colours. All I'm asking for is for her to simply pass her examinations. Thank god primary one kids will be automatically be placed to primary 2 the next year.
Some of my friends kids practically dun have any examinations in primary 1.
Seriousely, I dunno if that's a good idea.

Pros :

  1. Kids can simply enjoy the first year in primary education.
  2. No stress for the parents

Cons :

  1. Parents will have no idea how their child fared in school.
  2. Sudden stress in primary 2 when exams are introduce to the kids.

Can't think of any other pros & cons right now. Butterflies are already forming in my tummy.
It seems that I'm more anxious den her right now. Pray tomorrow some magic force will shine upon DD and make her smart. She's sooooo relaxed currently it's freaking me out.
Now I can finally understand the stress parents go through when their children are having examinations. No joking matter!!!!!

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Feeling : Nervous
31st Day.

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