Oct 10, 2007

Moolar for nothing

Feeling bored, I login my adsense account. To my surprise.. I'm actually generating moolar!! The amount isn't significant enough for me to goo wooolalala but still it's pretty exciting to know it does generate $. But den again, wait till I get my hands on that check first lar.. it'll only den be 'REAL'.

As usual on Wed, I force my butt to SK for lessons. Surprising almost all the students were pretty well behaved today. Instead of having to scream and shout for them to stop running around the pool or getting them in/out of the pool *nitemare*. I think it's because VT and I kept asking or bribing them with the statement "You want to get 4 stars?" Their certificate we meant. That made them more willing to follow our instructions. Teaching a group of 48 students in a span of 4 hours ain't alot of fun. On a bad day, we gotta treat our vocal cords to 2-3 bottles of herbal tea after lesson or during lesson. Good day like today, I didn't even finish a bottle of mineral water. Lol, I made it sound as if it's bad to drink plentiful of water. I'm not a plain water person, I sinfully replace my daily water supply with coke, kopi or fresh milk. Bad....so? Plain water is really tasteless and in my opinion - I'll drink it if there's really no other choice or unless I'm on the verge of dying from thirst! Get my point?

I was informed that for almost the entire of next week, primary schools will be closed!!!! wtf!!!!!!
Closed for psle marking or something if I heard correctly. That will mean my gal will be home!!
It's alright if both kids are home together, that way they both can entertain each other. What's my gal gonna do while her brother is at school during the afternoons?!?!??!?!? Drive me siao?
It's actually meant for study period, for those not involved in psle. But!! my gal studying?!?!??!?? Tonite I'll remind myself to stack my pillows higher. That gal will probably rot her entire week away in the midst of playing/watching tv/ransacking the fridge every 3mins.

I read somewhere just now that starfish doesn't have a brain. Interesting fact. Innovative way of insulting people next time, "You blardy starfish!!!"

Over dinner between small talks, I asked both kids "What does cow drink?" Both replied in a flash! Daughter 6(coming 7 in Nov) replied "milk!!" , Son 5 replied "water!!"... tell me to laugh or cry can!!!!

16th Day.

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