I just wish I'll fall asleep and by the time I awake, the weekend has pass me by.

It's always the weekends that I feel the worst. I started hating weekends the day Rex died.I've long wanted to write a tribute on Rex, but I fail miserably. Any thoughts on him, will only bring on the pain more. Not today. Another day. Someday. Which explains why I'm Queen of the so ever infamous Nation. Better known as Procastination. The day it doesn't hurt that much.

Almighty Queen has been my comfort face for the past couple of weeks. I dun have to say anything and she knows what I'm thinking. That helps. I still lack the ability on talking to others about it. They all ask "Are you OK?". My answer is forever "Ya". It adds onto the pain if I explain further.

We're heading to Almighty Queen's house for steamboat dinner after fetching DD from school.
That should keep my mind busy for a few hours.

32nd Day.
Listening to : My Memory - Ryu
Feeling : Sianz

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