Dec 16, 2007

Thrown out like trash

I'm so frustrated!! After each entry on the main page, the comments link button is missing!!! Viewers are only able to post comments when they click on the entry's individual page or on the time-stamp at the bottom.
No matter how I try fixing it up it doesn't work. Changing a new template doesn't seem to work either. Agony!!!!!!! LL told me to live with it. I can't!!! The main page seems somehow "handicap" to me. Someone help me out please!!!!

Photohunt was fun yesterday. Viewed lots of interesting pictures. I can't wait for next week's theme - Light. But I'm wondering if it's Light as in weight or Light as in blink blink lights....

Witnessed a dog been brought away by SPCA yesterday. Security guard said the dog was abandon at our premises by some moronic owner. The dog looked sick and starved. The whole morning and afternoon I was home yesterday I heard the dog howling but I thought it was a new dog on the block. What's wrong with these numb skulls dog owners?? Abandoning the dog was bad enough, but at least bring the dog to SPCA yourself or at least try to rehome it!! Not dump it somewhere and expect others to do the job! Worst still, it was raining a storm yesterday!!!
I've heard people asking "Would these people throw their elderly folks the same way they did with their dogs?" Answer: Yes! During my nursing days, I've seen people bringing in their sickly parents and vanishing the moment their parent(s) are admitted. Fake contact numbers, fake addresses upon registering. In the event that the patient passes away, no one comes forward to claim the corpse. Sad cases.

I hope those people that does this sorta thing will get thrown out by their own kids someday just like trash and they'll all turn into dogs when they reincarnate. An eye for an eye. Who said payback was a bitch? In this case, they jolly well deserved it..

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Bitch@Workz said...

congrats!! finally can see the link to post comments at the main page!!! bwahaha

napaboaniya said...

the comments link is working, but my header picture is missing in action! everyday i've got new hooha with blogspot for the past 2 days... **

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