Jan 17, 2008

Mom's FIRST(s)

That's what I found while spring cleaning the past couple of days. 2 kids mean there are 2 sets of endless stuffs lying at every corner of the house. There are stuffs that I'll trash in a jiffy, but it seems that as much as I'm trashing. I'm also keeping lotsa other stuffs! Treasures in my eye, junk to 'The Man'. Each time he trash something into the garbage bag, I re pick them back. He shoots me the dagger eyes, I shoot back at him with my phoenix eyes. He starts asking, why keep all these???? I answer back as a matter of factly, "Those are their F-I-R-S-T this and that..." Someone please tell me I'm not the only mom that keeps 'Every F-I-R-S-T'!!

Ok, what firsts? First clothing; First drawings; First Booties; First Toy; First Pacifier; Ok! Fine that one I threw, cause fungus was growing on it. I wanted to slap The Man's smug look on his face over that! First pillow; First patchwork quilt; First walking shoes; First hair cut (I kept their hair), The list goes on, and besides all the FIRST(s) there's also their books and scraps of paper here and there.
I was just mentioning maybe I need more chest of drawer. That 'smart Alec' Man replied coldly, "You need to rent a storage room from the warehouse". Arghz!!!! I shown have known better than to open my darn mouth asking his help in spring cleaning!!!

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Trinity said...

whoa... I understand exactly what you mean here!! I think you need 2 maids as well... hahahahaha

eastcoastlife said...

Spring cleaning? Me too. hehe...

And as usual there is the take out, dust dust a bit and put back. hahaha....

I can't bear to throw stuff away! That's a huge problem and I know I won't use them nor see them until next year's spring cleaning. Gosh. I have to make major decisions now.

CRIZ LAI said...

Oh oh.. you are beginning to be like my mom now. She has enough supplies to cater for hundreds with the plastic containers she has at home :P

Marla said...

I don't keep many 'firsts'. I do have M's first pair of shoes and I have a weird need to touch and smell them every now and then. I know! Weird! Usually though, I tend to photograph some things and pitch lots of stuff. I get it from my mom.

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