Jan 3, 2008

School Woes of a Mom

2nd day of school for both kids. Applause for DD that she made no fuss in the morning when ask to wake up. My heart breaks into a zillion pieces each time I lift her bag. I believe most parents in Singapore feel the same way I do. It's not an uncommon sight to spot young children with school bags twice their size! Maybe their teachers should try carrying those bags for a week and see if they'll continue telling us "it's normal"!

Just what is fucking normal about that? That, it isn't school if there wasn't any huge heavy bags to carry? The Man and I figured out those lockers we saw outside their classrooms during their school orientation were simply there for decoration purposes! Why have lockers when students are not entitled to use them? Someone tell me can!!!!

DS is simply thrilled to be in the morning session. Overheard his conversation with our helper.

Helper : "You like going to school in the morning or afternoon session?"
DS : *thinks hard* "Morning!!"
Helper : "Why?"
DS : "I can watch cartoons the whole afternoon until 630pm"
Helper : "Alamak!!!"

12 more days to DS's 6th birthday. He has been faithfully striking the days off the calendar. They are forever excited over their birthdays. As for me, I can't even remember the last time I felt excitement from my own birthday...ZzZzzzzZZz

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Marla said...

I agree. Carrying all that stuff around is ridiculous. We did not carry that much when I was in school. I hate the idea of homework too. Kids have enough to do without homework.

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