My APAD #16 & SkyWatch Friday

Me: At the door, "Whose there?"
2 kids: "Is Janelle & Javier in?"
Me : *yells for my 2*
Janelle & Javier: "Can we go down to the playpen with our friends?"
Me : *wide-eyed.with.skeptical.thoughts* "ok, but only for a while"
The 4 kids went off.

Leaving me bewildered!! It finally hit me 5 minutes later that doorbells will no longer mean there's guest for us(the adults) at home. But also guests of my 2 kids!!
Not to mention that no longer will both my kids need me or anyone else to chaperon them to the playpen. They're capable of heading there themselves and coming home after that. With strict instructions to stay away from the roads and anywhere near the swim pool.
Oh did I mention? They came home 3 hours later....

It wouldn't be long soon, they're be heading to Macdonald's themselves??!?!?!

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Leonard said...

hahaha... you just need to be amazed at how times had changed...

the kids are so independent now when compared to our time when everything done need to be accompanied by parents! might discover more...

Napaboaniya said...


Someone was telling me, soon it'll be their boyfriend/girlfriend ringing my doorbell!!!!
I better start getting prepared @_@

Yen said...

Oh..I will bewildered a few years from now then:) A is only 6 and a few more years and I have to get myself ready:) Like Leonard said, kids these days are so independent..and sooner there will be more than that;)

Happy Weekend,Elaine! See you in in PH!

Napaboaniya said...

Just to scare you a little. My boy is also 6, my daughter is 7+ coming 8 this year end.
See ya tmr :)

kiky f said...

*gosh*, they're getting big...we're getting..uhmmm...old? :-D

Napaboaniya said...


*drum.roll* yyeessshhhh!! we're getting old!!!! *head.desk* :P

Anonymous said...

Very true. I bet that is a weird feeling!

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