I seriously need an external hard disk!!! I'm really regretting not getting it at the IT Show 2008. I'm so low on hard disk memory now. I've tried writing some of the files onto CD-R but it's irritating me with the small capacity of only 700mb per disc.
Plus I'm more irritated that I've got no DVD writer on my machine!! If I'm able to write 4.7GB each time it'll be a different story....

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ellen said...

hello napaboaniya...hope ur doin good despite that you were irritated..have a nice day..
btw:can you ad to ur link my new adopted blog "Tiny Treasures" http://ellentinytreasures.blogspot.com

Napaboaniya said...

I've added Tiny Treasures to my blogroll :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds very frustrating. If it was not for J my computer would be a real mess. I am adding you to my blog roll. I am sorry I did not do this sooner!

Napaboaniya said...

no problem about the blogroll. Hope the wireless card J's company is providing will work out well :)

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