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I was tagged by Yen in doing "What I Love Most About My Man".

** Let's see,

1. When he gets anxious if he sees a mood change from me.
2. When he cooks for the entire family.
3. When he gives me a back massage.
4. When he send the kids to school early in the morning and let me sleep through.
5. When I felt he looked so much like Michael Tau (I was blind can?!?!)
6. When I saw changes in him which I was looking for.
7. When he lets me do whatever I want (even if it's not right).
8. When he fetches my Almighty King to/from the airport at wee hours in the morning.
9. His huge fat and flabby body frame.

Tagging the following : KikyF, EllenHeartBeats, Trinity, Pearl &
anyone else who wishes to do it

Easier to do a version of "What I dun like most about My Man"! In my opinion.... LOL



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Leonard said...

looked very hard to meet the requirement!

i doubt i meet any of them!

Napaboaniya said...


You can lar, since you're the chin-cai type. Everything also anything :P

The Horny Bitch said...

Haha.. That's very nice.. So sweet! :)

Napaboaniya said...

alamak 1 to 9 came after I had to crack my head open and staring at the screen for hours leh :P
MUCH MUCH easier for me to do the opposite version! I could maybe name 1 to 90 :P

kiky f said...

hmmm....this is suppose to be easy,,,but he refused to buy me a diamond ring for our 5th anniversary...hahahha....thanks, i'll do it!

Everyday Healy said...

Mm! I certainly agree with you! However, we are encourage to appreciate our patner's good ler... hahaha...

And, I have something precious to share with you. :)

Napaboaniya said...

Lol, your hubby isn't the only one. Mine will simply cut out the diamond ring from the magazine for me! *fumes*

Real precious to me :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I like the making dinner part and back massage. Very nice.

the teach said...

Ling, he sounds like a great guy! I have a great guy too!

I have an award for you at my blog. Come by! :D

Napaboaniya said...

lol~ I wouldn't mind putting The Man on loan for cooking purposes :P

thanks a honeybunch for the award :)
grab this tag for the man of your life too!! :) I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

Pato & Pearl said...

Hi Napa - thanks for the tag. At least you started me back on blogging hahahaha and Pato kept bugging me about it..i guess he's curious what is will write thus the BIG hint!!!..hahahahaha

Well what can i say, If Yan can cook, Men can too!..haha


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