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All proceeds from this sale will go towards buying rice, a staple food, for the residents of Animal Lovers' League.

Everything on sale will be brand new or as-good-as new and will include not only pets-related items but things for our own use as well. You can get toys, leashes, collars and clothing for your pets and soft toys, handicraft, books, VCDs and even a mini fridge for yourself.

Do come with your family, friends and pets to support this effort. Feed a hungry dog today!

For those of you who don't know, Animal Lovers' League is a not-for-profit animal shelter registered with the Registrar of Societies. It gives a home to some 140 dogs and cats. These dogs and cats have basic needs such as food and shelter. Sterilization and medical costs also need to be met, not to mention utility bills and the expense of maintaining the buildings and kennels. ALL is an NGO and therefore gets no funding from the government. They need your generous assistance to meet the phenomenal and rising costs of running the shelter.

In an effort to lighten their financial load, the B.R.A. Fund was set up in March 2007 by volunteers. The funds raised are then used to buy rice for the residents of ALL. To find out more about B.R.A. and how you can contribute, please visit http://bra.pawzcafe.com

Thank you for your support.

Napaboaniya APAD

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What a great cause. Thank you for sharing.

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