May 13, 2008

I'm Freaked Out

A big thank you to all that left birthday wishes for me last week! :)

Since last week everything went by in a flash. My birthday last week, buddy's wedding, till Mother's day and the Turkish Formula 1 race on Sunday.

The ironic thing of the wedding? I got up earlier than I did on my very own wedding!!
The wedding was a fun one, except for what I saw early in the morning when I arrived there. The best part, I didn't even realize what I saw shouldn't have been there at all till noon time...
Even after realizing what I saw, the fear didn't set in, thinking after all it could be a good sign since it was a wedding.
After the banquet and arriving home almost at midnight. Then kwa kwa kwa, fever set in with the full flu package. Coincidence or just sheer tiredness?

Didn't help much that I just finished watching 怪谈(HK documentary show on paranormal stuffs)! Plus on Thursday night before the wedding, my 2 gal friends were on the subject of those stuffs. Plus I've also recently read on eastcoastlife's blog on her encounter with those stuffs!!
So, tell me how could I not freak out?!?!?!

While uploading the wedding pictures to my notebook, part of me was shaking. In fear of spotting "it". Then to addon the fear, on Saturday's PhotoHunt. Criz posted paranormal stuffs on his blog! What a week associated with paranormal stuffs!
I'm chicken at heart with this sort of things. Going to pee in the middle of the night would mean being escorted to the bathroom and someone awaiting at the door talking to me. Chicken eh? Thank goodness my dog didn't start howling into thin air.... *gulpz*

Morale of the whole incident, don't watch too much paranormal stuffs on TV!!!

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maiylah said...

i woke up quite late on my wedding day, too ... lol! :D
wonder what you saw early morning there that shouldn't have been there at all! now you got me all curious ... ;P

maiylah said...

hahaha, i almost forgot to add: hope it's ok, but I tagged you here.

take care!
... and refrain from watching too much paranormal stuffs ... for now. :)

snippets said...

me again, Elaine ... :D

got an award for you. do visit when you've got the chance. :)

get well soon!

eastcoastlife said...

You think I not scared ah! But human beings more scary lah....

Heart of Rachel said...

First of all, belated Happy Mother's Day. Sorry haven't visited in a while. I've been a little busy because my parents are here for a vacation.

I'm sorry to hear you were under the weather. Hope you're feeling much better now.

I'm like you. I enjoy watching and reading about scary stuff but I'm such a chicken and my imagination tends to work over time scaring me even more.

Criz Lai said...

Haha... What a week for you EL. Well ECL was right, the only paranormal thing that scared me most is the presumed-normal two legged beings surrounding us all the time. You are subject to more harm from them than the no-legged ones :P

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