.....from across the causeway. Starting tomorrow Singapore cars will longer be allowed to top up petrol within 50km away from checkpoints across the causeway in Malaysia. When I first read the news a few days ago. I went "Fwah"!!!!!!
Petrol costs half the price in Malaysia as compared to Singapore petrol charges. Especially with both cars(3.2 and 2.4) at home traveling into Malaysia almost a couple of times per week, one need not need a calculator to sum up how much we've been saving.

With the 50km mark and 20litres constraint the Malaysian government has imposed.
I can only say "Kwa kwa kwa"!!!
Less business for those petrol kiosk near the causeway, more Singaporean wallets would be burnt!

It's a smile for the Singapore government, a cry for Singaporean cars traveling often to Malaysia and gawk knows how the Malaysian government feels about it. @_@

Singaporean cars!! No more cheap petrol from across the causeway starting tomorrow Friday 30th May 2008!!!!!

Napaboaniya APAD

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maiylah said...

everybody's feeling the crunch right now ... :(

got a tag for you, Elaine! :)
would you like to join the Food Friday meme, too? :)

the teach said...

Elaine, I can't believe they are stopping you from going over to Malaysia...and how come gas (petrol)is so much cheaper in Malysia? Where I live it's up to $4.50 in some places... That's a lot for us. Lots of people drive SUVs (not me) but I think they will give them up soon... :(

Napaboaniya said...

thanks for the tag and meme :)

Petrol are sold at a subsidized rates in Malaysians.
Petrol cost around SGD$2.10 per l in Singapore. As for Malaysia it's the same price but in Malaysian Ringgit. After conversion between both exchange rates, it's just like half the price for Singaporeans.

Leonard said...

this happens because there is no subsidy on our petrol and the petrol companies can play their price game!!

Napaboaniya said...

Petrol station owners near the causeway currently also having woes... *sighz*

Who benefit the most? Our Garmen lor.....

Anonymous said...

In my country, the goverment just raised up petrol price up to 30%.

Anonymous said...

Previous comment came from kiky he2x

JS said...

Wow u drive a 3.2? Im driving a 1.3 and already feeling the pinch. Erm if I'm not mistaken fuel is still sold at RM 1.92 per l? Before the coming price hike that is...

Napaboaniya said...

Global hike in petrol prices... *Sigh*

The price hike is scary!!! Think twice before driving out now days.

Public transport would be a good choice actually. Forget parking fees and endless toll/ERP charges.

I'm not driving. The Man in the household driving.

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