Jun 5, 2008

Living Life Your Way

Leonard has written on his blog header :
"Why is it so easy to write the Chinese character '人' but so hard to be one?"
'人' = Human

Cause a lot of us are like what's mentioned below, even though we seldom admit it.

说了又不听 Say but don't listen
听了又不懂 Listen but don't understand
不懂又不问 Don't understand but don't ask
问了又不做 Ask but don't do
做了又做错 Do but do wrongly
错了又不认 Wrong but deny
认了又不改 Admit but don't change
改了又不服 Change but not happy
不服又不说 Not happy but don't say

其实做人并不难, 只看我们这么过我们的身活。

Work hard, get all the cash in the world and feel less happy about the smaller things in life?
Work right with lesser pay but happy with a simple life?

My opinion?

人类是租户 爱却是礼物
From Source 身外物

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the donG said...

i strongly believe that there's enough happiness from the ordinary things. and i stand in the idea that "the happiest people in the world are the ones who spent so much time for others and less of themselves".

Bengbeng said...

personally i feel relieved when a day passes by without incident :)

Leonard said...

wah..my quote being quoted here!!


eastcoastlife said...

It's not difficult to be a human with compassion and love for your fellow kind. Yet there are some people who would do anything to achieve his selfish desires.

Thanks for your prayers for my son’s speedy recovery. He was discharged from hospital this afternoon. :)

I didn't have to go to those masters because there was no sign that black magic was used. :)

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