My Russian neighbor's wife and kids flew in Singapore a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if they're here for a long time or just visiting. They've got 3 girls, twins and 1 teenage daughter.
We hardly speak with just the usual hi and bye.

A few days ago, their twin daughters probably around 5 years old came knocking on our back door with a ball. Probably indicating they wanna play with my 2 kids.
Together with my kids, the 4 of them played for hours!!
At the end of the day, I asked my 2. "What are their names?"
They replied, "Dunno."
Left me baffled for a while, they played for hours straight not knowing each other's name!!

The funny thing was, when it was dinner time. I asked my kids to stop playing and have their dinner. The Russian twins didn't want to go home!! We keep using sign language and saying "bye bye" to them, but they remained in my kitchen.

I went online and got the Russian translation of "bye bye,please go home" and copied on a piece of paper. They were probably too young to read. They went home to show their mom I think. 1 minute later, their mom was screaming for them to get back home.
Ooh how I love the Internet!! :P

It got me thinking, kids regardless of race, language or religion. Simply play without language barrier.

It's Racial Harmony appropriate!

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Anonymous said...

How funny! I had the same problem once with some friends of friends that came to a party .. German speakers ... we finally found a way to converse -- my English to French, thru a Greek guy that new French and translated to German!

the donG said...

that's cute. never experienced that yet.

Napaboaniya said...


Lucky you had someone to translate for you :)


Hope you'll have a translator or at least the Internet for help when it happens! :) *lol*

Leonard said...

you have to admire and love the internet!!


Napaboaniya said...


I think I'll be fully dysfunctional without the Internet!! :P

eastcoastlife said...

That's great about being kids... they don't see anything negative...
They have no language barrier..... are colour-blind.... doesn't care if the other party is rich or poor.... they see each other as play mates... someone to have a good time with. :)

Napaboaniya said...


ya lor, if the entire world is like this. It'll spell P.E.A.C.E :P

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