Kind and cheerful Yen has bestowed this lovely friendship award on me. She's back home now after a long vacation. She's unloading all of her household chores currently which nevertheless reminds me of how I'll probably be like once my house helper returns home for a full month this coming 10 Aug!! *head.desk*

I'm sharing this award with these friends- Mary, Ellen, Carver, Criz, Chuck, Roger, as well as so many others whom have visited me often here :) Do grab this award for your blog as well.
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Roger said...

Thank you thank you!! That is so nice of you!!

I gotta tell ya that I am takings a week off of Idaho Photo & Creative Photography I need to get some work done, but will be back to see ya again!


Carver said...

Thank you so much. I appreciate that! I've enjoyed your blogs and am also glad to know someone else is getting quickly addicted to mandelas.

Chuck said...

OMgosh. I don't know what to say. I'm so honored. Thank you!...To have a new blogger buddy in the "sphere" means a lot, but to get an award too is really special.


Gbex and Ellen said...

Thank you my dear napaboaniya for the award, you are really a dear friend to me. love ya!!

the teach said...

Elaine, thanks very much! I really appreciate being awarded for friendship by you. You ARE a dear friend!! :)

Chuck said...

I posted about this here: Perfect Blend of Friendship

Thank you again and again. I truly feel so warm and fuzzy. Getting to know you has been fun. *huggies*

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