Feb 12, 2009

I'm NOT Blind...

....But I'm not being able to view images from blogs that are hosted with blogspot!!
It's frustrating and I'm on the verge of head slamming soon!
Apparently I'm not the only one that has complained on blogger help platform about this.

I've tried on 3 computers, 2 different browsers and STILL I can't view images.

So if you've visited me left a comment, and I've not visited you and left a reply. Sorry.
Reason - I can't view images from any blogspots urls UNLESS the pictures are hosted via a 3rd party.
Be patient with me while I'm trying my best to be patient with Blogspot.
I'll be making my rounds when problem is resolved.
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Napaboaniya APAD is working fine. Thank Goodness!!!

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EastCoastLife said...

I can see the photos in blogspot. I use IE.

Napaboaniya said...


I've tried on both Mozilla Firefox and IE, both I'm not being able to view images.
Tried on both my notebook and desktop. Same problem. *WAILZ*

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