I was at a lawyer's firm yesterday. While the lawyer was talking, there was a sign on the wall. It stated "Please be nice and do not blame us for being here. We are NOT the cause of you being here today."

I can understand why the message was where it was. Without having to strain my ears, I could hear someone screaming at the top of his lungs "I paid you! So it's your job to get me what I want!!!!"

For whatever reason that man was there and creating noise pollution at the lawyer's firm. That statement on the wall was true. Why blame and reprimand the lawyer fighting your case? It wasn't the lawyer's fault that he's there. I'm sure he paid the lawyer but I believe NO lawyer will guarantee a 100% success rate.

I've also learned from the trip there. A lawyer's firm is 99% unpleasant and maybe 1% pleasant if one is there to inherit a neat sum of money.

Given a choice none of us would ever want to walk through the doors of a lawyer's firm. Yet, I can't believe there's a small population out there that actually enjoys going there for the sake of suing people for what I think is STUPID!
I was told a case of a couple of fighting over the possession of a PHOTOGRAPH!!
Apparently the couple are divorced and it's their WEDDING portrait that they're fighting over.

I dun get the point!! Why hold onto the wedding portrait if the 2 of them are getting divorced? The only reason I can think of, is that they both still love each other which explains why they're both finding it hard to let go. So why get divorce? For pride? Cause the both of them are too ashamed of showing their love for each other?

That's DUMB DUMB DUMB and crapatouille to me! Why wait? Wait till one of them is dead and the other feel the regrets of not letting it be known?

It takes 3 minutes to say your marriage vows.
It takes a lifetime to put those vows into action.
151 Days passed me by.

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Anonymous said...

tsssk,tsssk. That's life!
hello napaboaniya, I got you an award and a tag as well...see yah

Marla said...

I worked for several Italian "family" lawyers in New Jersey for a brief time. They were all crazy. It was hell.

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