Oct 31, 2008

I've learned...

All parents go insane and hyper upset when their child is in the hospital.
My niece is currently in ICU with a disease I'm hearing for the first time.
Kawasaki Disease.

She's the youngest in the family and a precious daughter of her parents.
When I say precious I mean really precious.
Her dad is over protective of her even towards us relatives.
Carrying her for a moment send eye signals to you from her dad indirectly telling you, "hello? can I have my daughter back?"

The moment I received the news that she was in hospital, for a split second my mind didn't drift to my niece. It drifted to visions of my brother-in law tearing his hair out instead!!!

Apparently, after hearing the what the doctor explained to them. There was a miscommunication to my mom in-law and she too panicked like hell.
Under due treatment, it should be cured.
Guess mom in law only heard this part of the statement

"If left untreated, the symptoms will eventually relent, but coronary artery aneurysms will not improve, resulting in a significant risk of death or disability due to myocardial infarction (heart attack)."

I hope she'll be discharged soon. It hurts to see a young child in ICU looking helpless and the only thing she can do is cry :(
I know cause my son was in NICU for 3 weeks before. This brings back memories of the ordeal for me
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Anonymous said...

I hope she will be getting well sooner.I will include her in our prayer

Anonymous said...

I know of someone who had this and now the child is all grown up (he is graduating 6th grade). Proper care is the key to it.

I hope you and your family well :)

By the way, I think John Travolta's child has/had this too.

Lynn said...

I hope the child recovers the soonest.

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