Oct 26, 2008

Weekend SnapShot #46

Weekend SnapShot

Fish Works
A trip to the fish farm.
Rows and rows of colorful fishes, greeted us at the door.
Happily Swimming
Beautiful Koi fishes, that I was attracted too.
Boxes of Fishes
Amazed by these rows of white boxes with Fighting Fishes.
Contained in Plastic
All the Fighting fishes were in plastic containers individually.

I was happy to have found this fish farm! Actually I was very happy with the prices they were selling their fishes and accessories! I was practically over-charged at the very first aquarium shop we went. Fishes are only sold at almost half the price here. Not forgetting the large variety of species to choose from.
I know I'll be back to this fish farm pretty often!! :P

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Anonymous said...

My little boy will love them for sure;-)

eastcoastlife said...

Don't keep fighting fish at home. Fengshui Master said to me. No fighting fish I also so fierce ledi. haha....

Juliana said...

wow...you had nice trip...

I hope you stop by at my WS post also in HERE or HERE. Thanks

tigerfish said...

tigerfish feels so threatened among these fighting fish! :o

where is the farm?

Anonymous said...

Great set of shots. Looks like a fun place to visit.

Jackie said...

Oh my that's a lot of fish and you got some great shots.
LOL..ECL is so funny.

I like your WS it's very good. At least you weren't working all weekend. That was our schedule.


I hope you can drop by.

Hapy week!!:-)))

Anonymous said...

it's a cool place to know more about fish.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I really like the fish - goldfish or koi?

Anonymous said...

ok so its koi. hehehe.. great weekend u got.. ours was pouring rain.

JO said...

my kids has been bugging me about getting them goldfish... but I'm not sure they are responsible enough to take care of them.

Here's my entry. Thanks.

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