Sep 24, 2007

881 ost

With great thanks to ajosshi. walalalala.....
I finally gotten my hands on 881 ost. Was kinda depressed when I found out it was sold out 3 weeks back after watching the movie. Desperate enough to listen/watch via youtube each time my notebook was switched on.
The songs are in partial chinese and ...... *drum roll* hokkien.

Ya ya... I can even hear you all saying now "huh!!! hokkien!??!?!"
But hey! the lyrics meaningful, can

Tomorrow Mooncake Festival wo, I want lantern!!! walalalala I remember as a kid, always have those red transparency plastic paper type of lanterns. Easily burn but dainty nice. Now!?!?!? Wah lauz eh, you hear those battery operated Barney,Superman, Spiderman lanterns all with the same song!! "I'm a little butterfly....." Buay tahan.....Seriously that sound is squeaky and could burst ur eardrums if heard continuously for 1 hour. Thank god this year my house dun have those irritating blowup plastic lanterns. Play with paper lanterns and candles more fun. Zzzzzzz only received normal mooncakes as gifts.Why no one gift me Ice-cream mooncakes????
One of the mooncakes I tried yesterday had a fancy sticker that proudly indicated - Low Sugar

*roll.eyes* I dun like anything that is LOW,can!!!!! Low Fat, Low Sugar, Low Salt etc

Currently listening to : One Half - 881 ost
Feeling : Stoned

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