Sep 25, 2007

Mooncake Festival

Mooncake Festival today. Moon? Didn't even see it. Windows closed, curtains drawn..tell me what moon? Saw the moon last nite but it wasn't big like anything special. Si Liow!!!! Sitting on my kitchen counter top are a couple of boxes of mooncakes. Dunno worth how many weeks of breakfast,lunch,dinner.

This morning, my SIL gave birth to a baby girl. Woohoo~~~ Been sooooo darn long since having a baby in the house to fuse about. MIL waited soooo long for this day to come. I bet she has been smiling like a nutcase the whole day. Her 7th grandchild, but 3rd internal grandchild.
Aiyoh! I'm suddenly reminded of diapers, milk bottles and sleepless nites *goosebumps* Thank god I've gone past that's my turn to have the smug look on my face - Welcome to parenthood, the begining of a never-ending journey! I'm darn happy..... got zhu jiao chu to eat liow!!!!! ya lar ya lar I tam-chak lar!!!!! my MIL makes the best zhu jiao chu I proudly proclaim.

Dun understand why some 3-8s can talk about Alex Man,Quan Yifong,Guoliang fresca over dinner for 2 hours straight. So I went round digging news about it. I finally figured out the fresca.I've only got 4 words to describe it - Freaking Bor Liow Ok!!!!!
I seriousely dun undersand the big hoo-ha over it. If Yifong didn't feel a thing about it when she was asked that 'so called insulting' question. Den why the sudden pang of anger? Due to reporters addons of salt and vinegar? Anyway, Alex already did a public apology tonite on national tv. So.... Period.

I hate Tuesdays nights, my "lazy mode" will be switched on automactically. Wednesday mornings are spent sucking in scenic views of Singapore from the East side all the way to Sengkang on the bus during early peak hour, NOT my idea of fun work! kar-chng sit untill PIT!
But still better den having to suck in scenic views from east side to tuas!!! that one can really climax with explosion!!!

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