Sep 29, 2007

Give me strength

Almost half the day has passed, I'm still alive. It's not as easy as I thought it'll be.Now days I pretty much hate the weekends. Shitty part, it's only the 5th day. I thought going out will do me some good. Off I went to do some grocery shopping. Gosh I think it did me more bad then good. Each item I see, I am being reminded. From seafood section to drinks section almost everything!! What the fark is wrong with me! I'm losing my sanity pretty soon.

Upon reaching home and sitting in front of my notebook I'm feeling slightly better with my time surfing lotsa sites and blogs. Came across blogs with entries indicating they're just like me, trying to get over a difficult period. I'm kinda soothed knowing I'm not alone in this.

Heading out for dinner now. Give me strength please.....

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