Sep 30, 2007


1am and I just got home. I can't sleep. Physically tired yet unable to sleep.
My day was wasted,attempts to stop brooding over the matter didn't work. Entire night I was out simply trying to distract myself. I managed to get myself distracted for a couple of hours while visiting my newborn niece. Talking with people helps getting me distracted, times when it's hyper quiet, my braincells goes in full force thinking about it. It was kinda tiring cause my companion tonight had no idea what's going on in my head. I kept having to put on that stupid smile. I'm surprised my jaw didn't crack from all that pretentious smiles.

I managed to get Mr 'Nice Driver' to drive me around. But because the both of us were simply dressed in a rather un-glamour way chade shorts, t-shirts and flip flops there wasn't much of places we could head to. On the way to Changi Village we decided to head for Loyang Tua Pek Gong Temple. Only den, we realised they have shifted further down the road.
Upon seeing the new premises of the temple, my first reaction was 'Wah'!!!! Unlike the old temple next to the sea, this new premise was in some way kinda glam glam for a Chinese temple. I managed to snap 3 pictures of the temple before any of the 'guards' shoo my ass away. Will upload them once I manage to find my USB cable.

Unlike most Buddhist temple we normally only had to offer 3 joss-sticks however at Loyang Tua Pek Gong temple, everyone had with them so many joss-sticks. We were both baffled on where to pray first since there were so many deities in the temple. We followed the crowd (like idiots). Still we ended up with 6 extra joss-sticks meaning we left out 2 deities. We both ended up praying to the same Deity twice.
There was also some Indian deities there, there was a sign which read "do not enter if you've consumed pork today". *bewildered* We both had stewed pork for dinner tonite. We didn't enter beyond the yellow line. But still we offered our joss sticks, should be ok rite? Hope we both mega idiots didn't offend the deities.*cross fingers*

There was even one huge ingot with everyone scribbling 4d numbers on it. Like what they say, 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'. Me too scribbled on it the 4d numbers I've been following faithfully the past couple of months.

Listening to : Making Love Out Of Nothing At All - Air Supply
Feeling : Mentally miserable, physically tired

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