Sep 26, 2007

What's ur problem?

Ur backside got problem? I hope not. But the woman who sat beside me on the bus today seriously had a dysfunctional kar-chng problem!! Apparently she thinks her single bus trip fare allows her to occupy a 2 seater seat. I was on the inner seat, staring out the window. Next thing I know the woman tapped me on my arm. Took off my earphones and asked, "yes?" she asked me "can sit inside abit more or not?" Seriously anyone who knows me, knows I'm skinny like tek-ko liow so how much space can my ass take? sbs bus seat how "spacious" I'm sure alot know. Where the hell was she expecting my kar-chng to shift "inner" to??? I shot her the "HUH?" look. I returned back to staring out of the window. She den said "what's ur problem? cannot move inside more meh?" I pointed to the window and told her "no space liow ,where u want me to move too?" She muttered something and den diam liow. Bloody farktard.
Nabeyz, early morning encounter this kind of shortplug being. I can only think of it as suay.

Today is The Man's 37th birthday! .....not forgetting it's also Jessie and Kian's birthday.. Happy Birthday guys~

At the corner of 260907 TNP, it reads "Alex Man Quits as StarSearch Judge".
Wah lauz eh, can get over it bor??? Sianz liow lar with that fresca.

Suffering from a bad case of migraine. Must be the ever hardworking Mr Sun's rays that causing the migraine. This couple of days the weather is so unpredictable. One minute the pool's platform is soo hot..the next minute dark clouds threaten to splash us with rain. This funny weather went on for the full 4 hours at the pool. Rain mah!! den I could have knock off earlier! *bang.wall*

Listening to : Ironic - Alanis Morrissette
Feeling : Head kena slam by hammer

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