Oct 13, 2007

Bite Me

19th Day.
3rd Saturday I've pulled through. Wondering how I even managed to pull it through. My mind's a wreck. Went to Beach Rd for dinner with E and L. Was supposed to head down there via bus but Ter was around so he drove us there. Of all the 101 routes to get there, he drove past 2 places that I dread passing by. Felt as though, I was stabbed by a fucking 10 inch parang.

Funny thing, I thought of GY. I remember telling GY, if daybreak ever comes one day with me ready to drop fuck everything I'll drag his ass with me to Chompchomp. He said "not yet". It has been more den a year for his case, and he still ain't ready to head down there. So I'm freaking wondering how long I'll take to recover. Never thought it'll be this hard to even simply pass by places without even stepping on those grounds. Nabeyz.

Entire night while I was out, I was distracted with thoughts of that bitch. Last time I had dinner there was with her. Seriously, why am I forever surrounded by all fucking species of idiots?
She is living proof, idiots CAN live without a working brain. Why the fuck is she biting onto my case? I dun see any fucking profit she'll gain from it. I kinda pity WL, he's so fucking innocent he's buying whatever fuck is coming out from her crap filled mouth. Why didn't she simply get stranded in Indonesia and never came back. That would probably be a different history.

Saw the Singapore Flyer today. Reminded of that silly bet we made. Though I've won, it seems now that I've actually lost.

My almighty queen said I should be thankful it happened, and least I've got memories that I can cherished. If she only knew that, it's all the memories that are killing me!! If there's a elixir to swallow that enables me to forget what I wanna forget. I'll kill to gain access to it.
Almighty queen is coming back tomorrow!! I miss her......surprisingly wor *bewildered*
Almighty king went overseas today. Before he left, he told me "you'll be ok". I think he knows something is wrong with me, he has been extremely nice to me these couple of weeks. But sorry dad, ain't something I wanna share with you. It's only within the circle of trust between mom and me.

Listening to : Fuck You Anyway - Archive
Feeling : Ready to bite you back....anytime

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