Oct 14, 2007

NS = Simi?

NS = Neuro Science? Numb Skull? Most Singaporean men are well aware of these 2 tiny abbreviations that causes a large population of them to curse under their breathe. NS = National Service.

A friend emailed me a couple of NS VC from youtube. I had such a good time laughing my ass off. I can't seem to be able to copy paste the embed here...&^#)^#$@
Anywayz here they are.
Army Song (70s) , Army Song (2007) , Recruit Knock It Down!

NS - Where men (boys) spent between 2 to 2.5 years of their lifespan serving the country. Get excused from it if you're a sakit ayam or you're a world class pianist or whatever musician who is abroad, all you need is $5k to pay army court fine. You're off the hook.

I've heard complains from friends on how they survived their years in army. Torturous in their opinion however it never fails to crack me up. Best joke I heard is when these men are excited to book out of camp, and your Sergent have the sudden urge to have some uniform parade stunt. PT kit!!! Number 4!!!! back and forth this carries on till the time you're allowed to FINALLY book out, they're already too nua to feel high..

I might find it funny at this point of time, however I think it'll be my turn to curse and swear with my every breathe by the time my boy serve his time in the army. Still it's funny!!!

Officer : "my grandmother can do it better den you!!!!"
Recruit : "den ask ur grandmother do lar"
Officer : "knock it down 20!!!!"
Recruit : "Yes Sir!!! (LPPL)

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