Oct 22, 2007

Fall of the Rookie

It appeared a nightmare for Lewis Hamilton yesterday having to lose championship to Kimi Raikkonen.

Passed by, by Kimi Raikkonen first and followed by Fernando Alonso. It set him back to the 8th place. Zzzz. As if that wasn't enough, during the 8th lap his gearbox was faulty losing 40seconds to pitstop. Leaving him probably sniffing home in the 7th place. It was a extremely good season for Hamilton considering him a rookie only in his first year of Formula One. He is currently just 1 point behind Raikkonen. Sad case.

That's the finale of Formula One GrandPix 2007.
2008 will be another exciting year with F1 coming to Singapore in Sept'08. As much as I'll love to witness it 'Live'. I can actually foresee the sea of people all over the Padang, Cityhall, Esplanade. Not to mention the skyrock charges for a room in the nearby vicinity. But then again, given a room for free I wouldn't mind. But then, the noise will be kinda block out for the room's window. Zzzz. Not shiok!

Weekends without having GP to look forward too seems.... DANG! Boring!!!!
This weekend I'll definitely be VEry occupied with my DD year end examinations.Another major ZzzZzzzz

We celebrated Han Yin's Full Month yesterday over at mil's house. Most relatives came and the house was packed.... packed with FOOD!!! till we stil had the left-overs during dinner just now.
Elder people surely have failing eyes, I was mistaken for my sil's younger daughter while standing next to her! The look on my sil's face - PRICELESS!!!

One of our cousin's wife actually told her 5mth old son to greet me "jiejie". By right, I should be pleased with that remark, it means to her I'm still young.
However I wasn't the least happy. Simply cause I can't stand her!!!! She's a super airhead from Hainan Island China. Look! I've got nothing against china chicks. But she's way horrid. Everyone in our family is aware of her. She doesn't know when not to shoot off her stupid mouth, and 99% of the time she offends people whenever she opens her gap. Plus I couldn't stand the sight of her happily sleeping on my mil's bed. Which person in the right mind will go sleep in the owner's house on the owner's bed without permission. It's alright that her child is playing on the bed. But for her to lie down with the bedroom in full view of other relatives in the living room is what I'll call OBSCENE and RUDE!!
Thank god she only comes over during festive season. This year's CNY she already pissed my arse off when she spoke freaking rudely to my mil. Bloody airhead.

Back to Han Yin. She was such a sweetie pie!!!! We were all fussing over her the entire day. Her maternal grandmother was around too and she was a very nice and soft spoken lady. My very own queen came over for the celebrations too and we ended up at the shopping mall next to mil's house with the kids to do some shopping just to get away from the house for awhile, before I started murdering that airhead. Almighty queen bought new shoes for ds and sandals for dd. Nice.

Almighty king left for Germany last night for a full week. I wanna go!!!!! Boohoo!!!! *super.sulk*
Hope he brings back some tasty sausages....

28 Day.

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