Oct 1, 2007

Pardon me

*bitch mode on*
I seriously cannot believe how brain-dead that bitch is, she's got such a miniature complex that one would have problem trying to locate it even with a magnifying glass.Come think about it, I take that statement back. She properly doesn't even have that bit.

If she even has that teeny bit of confidence in herself, why should she be threaten by my presence. She mentioned that my so ever often verbal diarrhea intimidate her. But excuse me, am I supposed to limit my vocabulary to ur standards? So sorry, but if I were have to do that. I'll rather be mute.

I seriously consider low intellectual people a farking turn-off. I would much rather you shut ur farking gap if you've got nothing intelligent to say den to open ur gap and put me to sleep in 3 seconds flat.

Thanks to GY for keeping me company today.

Listening to : A Day Without Rain - Enya
Feeling : 50% rational 50% emotional

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