Sep 30, 2007

She is too free

I so wanna bitchslap her. I'm unexceptionally pissed with that woman! Can't she simply mind her own freaking businese? Things might not have turned out this way if she didn't poke her nose into this. I guess it's people like her who laze at home with no work, to be so free to meddle into other people's businese. She needs a life!

A part of me is missing. Dun like this feeling. I wonder how long I'll continue feeling this way.

My niece is still nameless! Wtf.. They named her Wan Fang. *blink blink*
But apparantly they made some mistake and require another few days before giving a new name. $175 ...........sheesh

Listening To : Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
Feeling : Pissed

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