Oct 28, 2007

Sex Ban on A380

So you pay a bomb to travel on the world's first A380 suite, with a beautiful queen size bed laid with Givenchy sheets. You're travelling with ur loved one. You both lay in bed indulging urself silly with oysters, champagne, exchanging sweet whisperings etc etc etc..
what comes next on your mind? Sex....
Imagine this scenario. At the point, that you're both are feeling damn aroused and he's ready to free his willy ...next you hear a buzzer go Beep! Beep! with the following announcement, "please kindly refrain yourselves from engaging in any sexual acts on board". Immediately, Mr Willy will go from 12 o'clock position to 6o'clock position.
I wonder why they impose this rule. Would sexual acts be worst than air turbulence? Unless it's the "noise" that they are afraid will cause inconvenience to the other passengers.
Imagine a couple with very high vocal cords in the midst of the act, resting next suite are a couple of young kids. They'll probably tell their folks "uncle fighting with auntie next door, auntie pain pain now, she scream until so loud!!!"
But than again, even if sexual acts are indeed perform on board and the couple is "quiet" about it, how would they know? hhmm...

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