Oct 8, 2007

They're so generous

People tell me "getting kids to share is like going to war!" However, I beg to differ on it. Both my kids are so generous towards each other when they're sick. They pass their germs to one another like a baton on the track field. My gal woke up this morning feeling way better den yesterday. My son instead came back from school feeling so weak and hardly finish up his dinner. He went straight to bed after medication.

Call me mental , but I find them the sweetest of angels whenever they're sick. It's only when they're sick that they're so nice to cuddle and of course - QUIET.

14th Day.

Something wrong with my notebook, I'm not able to read/type chinese characters. *bummer*
I can type, but I can't read it... arghz! I've tried encoding the page still it doesn't work.
I did an idiotic last night installing some final version of the browser I was using - Maxthon.
Damnit, all my bookmarks got erased!!! I so wanna kick my own butt for not doing a backup on my bookmarks. *pulls.hair*

Listening to : Maneater - Nelly Furtado
Feeling : Sleepy

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