Back home, I finally satisfied my own platlate with the long awaited zhu jiao chu. But it was a disappointment!! Mil left out the eggs with what I'll call a pretty dumb reason...pot is filled to the brim with all the pork leaving no space to add in the eggs. tsk tsk. Being tum chiak, of course I tapau home some, and cooking on my stove now is eggs for me to add in my own later.

Name of my newborn niece - Han(1) Yin(4)
Sounds very the chim to me wor, both characters are hardly heard of in terms of chinese names. Dunno what's the meaning behind the name but since it cost $175 ... it better be something good!!!! *roll.eyes*

Sil actually q'ed up 20mins at donut factory today just to buy 1 dozen of those 'nothing to shout about' donuts! To me...that's unbelievable! what's with the craze of donuts nowadays? It's not as if it's a brand new product or something. As far as I've know, donuts have been around ever since before I was even born (yah..I'm getting old). These new donuts in my opinion seriously ain't worth the big hooha. I'll be more den happy to fix my donut cravings at the nearest dunkin donuts outlet (missing in action). These new donuts frenzy will probably fad like bubble tea, or that coffee bun that people will Q like idiots simply to sink their teeth into one of those which hardly fill ur famish tummy.

13th Day

Listening to : Ai Qing Li Mei You Shui Dui Shui Cuo - Zheng Yuan
Feeling : Tired

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