Oct 31, 2007

Vrroom Vrroom Hicups

Hopes dashed in getting Class 2B license. The Man commented, "You think you're still young?!?!?" Wtf!!! Where does it state under the traffic laws that people my age can't obtain Class 2B license? Do kindly point it out to me.
All I said to Almighty King was "I'm planning to get Class 2B license." His reaction was only 2 words - "Dun joke". Which part of my statement sounded like a joke?
The hardest currently is not going for the licence and being afraid of failing it. It's the convincing of the Almighty Family into agreeing with the whole thing. I do know the danger. But before going into a 1000 word thesis of dangers riding a motorcycle. We all know, it's a world of danger out there not ONLY on motorcycles. Accidents do not only apply to motorcycles.
Now is just having to splash out the correct words in having to convince my Almighty King. I wouldn't have to put in much effort into convincing The Man since he pretty much listens to me and won't say or do anything to invoke me.

37th Day.
Listening to : 사랑할 수 있나요 - 양치환 조영기
Feeling : Anxious

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