Oct 30, 2007

Vrroom Vrroom...

I want to get Class 2B licence!!!!!! Siao bor? I've given up on Class 3. Passed my basics theory for Class 3 but didn't go beyond that. I've been thinking alot of vespas recently. I think it suits me. Practical for travelling ALONE. Of course a car will be way better, car is metal covering the body, bike is body covering the body. But no point even if I get my Class 3 if I'm not gonna get a car. Bike is inconvenient to travel as a family. But would do me fine to travel alone. Low maintenance, cheap petrol, cheap road tax, cheap parking and most importantly I won't be stuck in traffic like cars do during peak hours!! yah yah yah.. bikes are more dangerous etc etc..But how fast can a below 200cc bike go?!?!can't travel during thunderstorms, scorching hot under the sun, anyway I'm already under the scorching sun with my job! Plus if driven with caution, I dun see it as much of a problem. All I've gotta do now is head down the driving centre and enrol in the course. I SHALL not procrastinate in this!!!! Hopefully lar... Anyway my Almighty King might have issues about this too which I'll have to convince him. Course fees is way cheaper than Class 3. Anyone wanna sponsor me??? I'll pillion you whenever I can once I lay my hands on that licence... lolx

I think I've made enough tissue wantons to feed the entire building. Sniffles since last night. All thanks to DD for sneezing in her sleep directly on my face!!! Like I've mentioned before DD and DS are most generous when it comes to sharing their germs....

DD ends her SA2 today!!!! la la la la la it's like removing a rock in my heart. Felt so stressed the past couple of days. It's finally over..can R&R now, at least till her report book comes home. That would probably call for a cardiac arrest. Keeping my fingers cross that I'll see no red marks. Dun have to be in flying colors I stress to her. I'll be contented if she pass. Not to much to hope for right? Grant me that wish!!!!

36th Day.
Listening to : Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park
Feeling : Sick like shit

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