That's where I'm currently residing. I can't find it on the world map, just like how I'm not able to locate the answer I'm seeking.

I ditched my usual route to work today. I thought it would be a good choice to avoid thinking of my past trips on that road. Entire new route does not serve any reminders to me.

Rational part of my brain tells me, I need to move on. However, the emo part of me cringes in confusion. Alot of thinking have been done.

I've come to a conclusion on how this messed up mind of mine surfaced. Often hurled by the mouth are the words that say "Words hurt feelings". In my case, yes that was it in the beginning, on how those words pierced through me that got me choked. Now, it's the 2nd part of the quote, "Words hurt feelings, but silence kills". It boils down that it's due to a case of golden silence that got me confused.
I've debated with my inner self to demand an answer however it's on Hold.
I am simply a 겁장이.

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Rational Brain : Fetch an answer
Emo Brain : No reaction
Rational Brain : Den you've got the answer
Emo Brain : But but but...
Rational Brain : You're hopeless!
Emo Brain : Which explains my agony....

9th Day.

Listening to : Qiu Fo - Zhe Xin
Feeling : Tired

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