Oct 4, 2007

Cost of Silence

Silence is a gift to many when it's called for. When you need time-off to be alone, to sort things out, or when you simply dun have the energy to smile when all you want to do is cry.

Yet silence is also a killer when it's uncalled for. In the midst of silence, answers to questions are left answered. Which leaves you lingering in midair, unsure, uncertain and confused.

I'm a victim to this murderer - Silence. It's breaking me apart. I'm turning into a Schizophrenia. When it gets to quiet, my mind wanders and I'll want to be surrounded by beings to keep talking and be distracted. Yet when there's company around, I get irritated and at times will want to rip their mouths apart just to have silence. Lately I've been in the 'I dun give a flying fark' mode.

Seriously, I've got enough shit in my mind to give a flying fark about anything else. Rational part of me knows I should simply be more involved in other stuffs in hope that mind will not venture into restricted areas. However, the emo and bullheaded part of me, refuses to let go.

It's confirmed, I'm indeed a Schizophrenia. Shoot me or lock me up!

Schizophrenia gonna spend the rest of the night hibernating in her bed with junk food and a drama show....

10th Day

Listening to : All Good Things Come To An End - Nelly Furtado
Feeling : Restless

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