Nov 27, 2007

2 Trips in a Day

They finally called me at 2+ in the afternoon. I rushed down there.... kwa kwa kwa!!! they told me "Sorry Mdm, it's still on the way back here, you'll have to come back in 2 hours time. I promise you wouldn't have to Q up again" Ya Wtf!!! I q'ed up for 20mins to hear my camera is still on some delivery truck!! I was seriously on the verge of bitch slapping that person!! Den why tell me it's already at Wisma???? What to do? Went back home.....
Bathed the dog and sent her over to JN's place and went back to Wisma again to collect the camera. My face was as black as charcoal when I still had to Q up for 10mins. But thank god I managed to get my hands on my camera before leaving tomorrow.
Packed my bags...sent the dog...changed $...charged the camera...
Time to watch Gray Anatomy, sleep and get my ass up at 6am!!!!

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Lam | Lifestyle Blog said...

Thanks for the post. Some time this sales people are so anoying. But it's ok.. let it go..

Hand a great day. :)
The Peonies

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