Nov 27, 2007

We'll call you...

I hate that statement!!!! Sent in my digital camera for repairs, a fault not caused by us but a production defect. Told them I need the camera asap cause I'll be leaving town and of course I'll like to have my camera with me to snip snap. They kept telling me, "we'll call you,we'll call you"!! So when are you calling me?!?!??! I'm leaving first thing tomorrow morning! By latest I'd need to get my hands on that camera tonite!!! The receptionist over the phone was somehow, darn "plastic"!!! Her replies "ya, I understand. ya, I understand". Fuck I dun need you to understand!!! Just return me the camera and I'll french kiss you!!!! #&^)^_(^!(^%(&$

I've yet to go to the money changer, yet to bathe that dog before sending her to JN's place whom so kindly offered to look after her the next couple of days. Yet to pack my bag, yet to upload my new list of mp3 songs, yet to get my hands on my camera!!!!!!!!!! I'm losing my sanity!!

JA's friend texted me to say JA passed her some gifts for me from Seoul and asked when will it be convenient to meet up. Rather than to trouble her furthermore, I offered to pick them up from her residence. Which turned out to be at Bt Panjang!!!!!!!!! Dang!! Felt like knocking myself dead!! Anywhere in Singapore that has a street name starting with BT sounds forever ULU to me!! In the end, I told her I'll collect from her office. HOPEFULLY she doesn't tell me her office is at Tuas!!

64th Day.
Listening to : Coming Out Of The Dark - Gloria Estefan

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