DD's birthday is round the corner. Last year while she was still in kindergarten I thought it'll be the last time I'll prepare party goodie bags for her friends. Wrong!! Since her primary school life begun this year, I was surprised to see her receiving goodie bags from her fellow classmates. So I guess this year I'll still be preparing her goodie bags. Slightly different this year for the items I'm intending to pack for her. While they were still young and kiddy, I packed in stickers, lollipops and snacks. This year I guess I'll have to scout around for more practical stuffs, probably stationary,mini notebooks etc...
Almighty Queen will be celebrating with DD this week since she'll be away next week. I've got no idea how we're gonna celebrate this year. Last year she had a bash at the chalet and enjoyed herself silly, at the expenses of a mega hole in her parents wallet.It was worthwhile paying for, just to see her happy.
DS on the other hand was asking us for a chalet party just like the one his sister had last year for his upcoming birthday in January. We agreed that it'll only be fair if he had one too to be fair. I cringe at the thought of my wallet burned next January. I hope DS forgets about it, and we'll be able to coax him into something less expensive.
Meanwhile, I better start cracking my head on her birthday celebration. Since her birthday will fall on a school day, we'll have to celebrate for her this weekend. My head is spinning.....brain-dead currently....

42nd Day.
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