Nov 6, 2007

Mandarin Cool

Good and evil, who can determine;
Love and hate, who can distinguish.

I'm still unable to fix my notebook's Chinese encoding problem.Being unable to type in Chinese or read all the Chinese website is causing my brain nerves to be tangled.
All along I've been comfortable with being expressive with the English language. In the recent months where things have played a tough role, I've learned that when it comes to matters of the heart, it's easily to express using the Chinese language.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Chinese language when I was younger. I vividly recall on the first day of my Chinese language class during my elementary years. My mom was called to school when I didn't response to the Chinese teacher marking class attendance. I had no idea she was calling out my name in Chinese!!! I had to practice writing my Chinese name god knows how many times in the exercise book!!!

As I grow older, I'm becoming more fond of the language. Been brought up in a English/Cantonese/Malay speaking family. Mandarin was an acquired language I picked up later on. Thanks to Singapore's Mandarin speaking campaign.On the national TV, Cantonese shows are forever dubbed into mandarin. Nevertheless, Singaporean drama TV is of course in mandarin, that's where I picked up the interest. Songs as well. It's those songs lyrics that got me hooked, in my opinion they are more expressive in their emotions than English lyrics.

Not to mention that most of the gossipy news are always published in our Chinese papers. They are often'ed more entertaining than our English papers. They provide more juicy information than most straight to the point English papers.

Speak Mandarin, Are you Game?

43rd Day.
Listening to : Sum Fu Kup - Raymond Lam
Feeling : Frustrated

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