Nov 3, 2007

The Birth Of My...

new music video blog here.
I'll be hosting all music videos that I fancy from youtube in there. Credits to all rightful owners that uploaded them to youtube. From Korean drama MVs,HK drama MVs or any singers that I like. Wanna clear this blog from MVs so it'll not look messy.

Had a tiring day, DD's friend and her mom came over this morning for a swim immediately after we went for lunch with Almighty Queen.Feeling so sleepy even though it's only 830pm now. I'm teaching tomorrow morning and I'm really feeling very lazy... I hope it rain buckets tomorrow *evil*
JA gave me a call earlier :) Hope she enjoys her upcoming trip!!!

40th Day.
Listening to : All Good Things Come to an End - Nelly Furtado
Feeling : Sleepy

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