Nov 2, 2007

Prayers Answered

I'm so happy!!!!! DD brought back her SA2 examination papers back. I'm super pleased with her results. There's huge improvement from her SA1 results. I was practically screaming with joy when she handed me her papers. I'm proud of her. Admitting that I'm not the best of mom when it comes to coaching her studies. My patience ran out faster den some cheapo battery out in the market. I was worried sick during her SA2 period seeing her not the least keen in revising her work. I was simply praying for her to just being able to pass the examinations, little did I expect her to come home with such great results (imo).
Chinese - 46/50
English - 44.5/50
Mathematics - 70/100
Now to await her oral and composition results to total up the marks upon 100.
With the current Chinese and English results I've got no worries about her failing any of them.

Feeling : Beaming with joy!!!

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