Celebrated DD's birthday a couple of days earlier with Almighty Queen yesterday since she'll be out of town on the actual day itself.DD got clothes from Almighty Queen as her birthday present. Nice.

Almighty King asked DD what she wanted for her birthday and she replied "anything". Wtf! How come the King asked her she can reply "anything" but when her parents asked her she can name a list as long as the Great Wall of China!!! Bully us??? Almighty King will also be away on DD's birthday and will be only be back the day after.

Almighty Queen was suggesting a trip to Macau this December, nice thought. BUT the price tag for all of us to go makes my mini-eyes pop out twice the size. I definitely can't afford to splurge on a trip to Macau... talk about Malacca, MAYBE!!!!

While reading MC's blog I found Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at Bukit Timah. A new addition to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Seems very interesting, a garden for kids to learn through discovery for life science. I was telling Almighty Queen about this place and we decided to head down there sometime during their month long vacation in December. Been a long time since we brought the kids to places with natural surroundings.

49th Day.
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