I've been keying in figures today so much that my head is spinning. Time of the year again for closing of accounts. While keying the figures in, I wonder if those working at the bank get kinda frustrated handling all the moolar knowing it's not theirs?
Looking at this company's accounts and the way they handle all their PO,TI etc it's freaking frustrating!!! There are missing sets here and there, amount that dun telly. One word, they are messy! It'll be a breeze to do if everything is orderly and in front of me, it's horrendous to work all sums out if they submit their files with missing parts. They're literally committing suicide with the urge to have some coffee session with the govt tax department.
I can picture this :
GTD : "Dear X, you're cordially invited to our office for our premium kopi session on (date).
X : "Oooh, thanks for the invitation, I'll be glad to bring with me a huge Angpow.

50th Day.
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