Nov 20, 2007

My Almighty King

My lfe is hard, my life is rough. Life is not always easy, life is not always fun. I guess my life is now payback, for all the bad things I have done. Sometimes I'm sad, most of the time I'm mad, but whenever I'm feeling down, I know I can call on my dad. If it wasnt for my dad, right now I probably wouldn't be living, he's something like a light bulb that never stops glowing, something like an ocean current that keeps on flowing. I listened to what he said, looked into the mirror and seen my reflection, and I seen that I'm not going in the right direction. He's the one that taught me to appreciate what I had. Anytime I need him, I know I can call on my dad.

57th Day.
Listening to : A Day Without Rain - Enya
Feeling : Blessed

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