Nov 19, 2007


56th Day.
Ever since DD's birthday, she has been sick and pretty much too angelic. Quiet like a church mouse and inactive like a mammal in hibernation mode. First it was DS, DD and now I'm back in production of making wantons to feed the neighbourhood.

Confrontation was faced with me no longer being able to keep numb about what I chanced upon accidentally. It didn't turn out to be as aggressive as the first time, what could he say? It's his 2nd time at making the same mistake and he could only apologise. Bang! You're dead....

Spent the entire Saturday finishing up the number game, and I'm gonna spend the entire Monday now checking out the figures.
It could be due to the fact I was very occupied with stuffs to do, that the whole of last week I didn't have much time to dwindle into my "hidden territory".

Listening to : Purest of Pain - Sons by Four
Feeling : Entire body protesting in aches!!

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