Nov 25, 2007

My Idiosyncrasies

J and I were talking about idiosyncrasies the other day, everyone has their own. Call in imperfections or whatever you dig. But I figured it simply tells about one's personality and habits. Who the hell cares if we're perfect or imperfect? I've yet to meet any perfect beings yet so kindly enlighten my ass if you do know of one.
My idiosyncrasies -
#1 - I do not poop while I'm out. (Unless I'm out of town for more than 3 days!!)
#2 - w/o coffee in the mornings, I'm one helluva bitch the whole day. All hell break loose!
#3 - I freak out when family members do not wash their feet and hands immediately after returning home from outside. I dun care if they wore socks the whole damn day or THEY feel clean even w/o washing!!!
#4 - I'm bad at small talk. I rather keep my mouth shut and stare right into space than spend 3 minutes making "pointless" small talk that puts me to sleep.
and the list goes on....

I've been feeling handicapped since last night, I left my cell phone in Almighty King's car!! arghz!!! So until I get my hands back on it, do not set my panties on fire if you've been calling me and I'm not answering the damn cell!!

62nd Day.
Listening to : It's Tricky - Run DMC

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