Nov 2, 2007

Results Terror

Klutz mode on again! Thud! landed on my bum and hit my arm on the wall. I wasn't even running!!! Helper happily grinned at me and commented I was worst den my 2 monsters. Talk about empathy... zzzzzzz But at least she didn't ask me the common 'idiotic question' - "Are you hurt?" It's like asking one "Having your meal?" when you're staring at the person eating or the most common of all, "Going out?" when one sees you're leaving your house. What's is it with these folks? No other chat lines to break the ice? Whatever happened to the common courtesy lingo of greetings "Good morning/afternoon" or simply "Hi and Bye"?

SA2 results out today!!! I'm starting to tremble.. DD will be home soon to tell us her results. Pray pray pray...
She happily invited her friend over for a swim tomorrow in the morning. Swimming isn't much of an effort to me, but having to entertain her friend's mom for 2 hours doesn't the least appeal to me. The thought of her friend's mom comparing our kids SA2 results will most likely cause my already motionless face to turn a few shades more of lighter pale. God!! Kindly let the 2 hours pass by us easily tomorrow.

39th Day.
Listening to : Who Loves You - Alannah Myles
Feeling : Anxious

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