DD visited her teacher's Multiply page. Wanting to say hi via the page, she had to sign up first. I signed her up, of course being fair I signed up for DS as well. Now they both have their own Multiply pages. Talk about starting young on the web!

This morning I awoke to see DS using my notebook, what he was doing shocked me! He was using Paint to draw this picture. What's shocking is none of us taught him how to use Paint!!!

Run!!! The volcano is erupting!!!!

I was uploading the more recent pictures I took onto SnapFish, I realised there's alot of pictures waiting to be developed!!!! I compared prices between ordering them online via SnapFish and dragging my lazy bones down to the photo shop at Parkway. It's cheaper via SnapFish!!! It pleases me more that it'll be delivered to my doorstop, saving the trouble of going to Parkway. Not to mention I seriously can't stand it having to stand outside the shop, and selecting my pictures from their computer screen in the middle of the walkway!!! No privacy at all in my opinion. With every kaypo passer-by peeking onto the screen and viewing ur pictures *shudders*

I've finally figured out the RSS and Atom thingy. Successfully fed my RSS feeds using this.
78th Day.
Listening to : Maneater - Nelly Furtado

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